We are sad to announce that ReferenceChecker has been discontinued and is no longer available to download or purchase from this site.

Any existing licence remains in force and covers a single user on one computer. All licence holders can continue to use ReferenceChecker for as long as it is supported by Microsoft Word. Please keep a safe back-up of the original installation file and your licence details.

While we are unable to continue to provide support for ReferenceChecker, all the information you need to install and run ReferenceChecker can be found on this site (for a limited time) and in ReferenceChecker's own "Help" documentation.

With warm thanks to all who supported ReferenceChecker over the last 12 years,

Paul Sensecall and Adam Bukolt

What is it?

ReferenceChecker is a Word macro that checks if references in a document are cited correctly.

What does it do?

ReferenceChecker finds all name-date or numbered citations in a document, checks them against the references and displays a hyper-linked list of matches and mismatches.

Note: ReferenceChecker does not add mark-up to your documents, make corrections or convert reference formats.